Connecting hearts and elevating minds.


The multifaceted artist Alexei Shaun is here to love, heal, uplift, and inspire. Listeners will be taken to a place of sweet bliss, as the kewl vybz kruzin flows through her “smooth”, “sultry vocals”, often “down-tempo”, and minimalist ever-growing music. The Saint Louis-Born songtress, rapper, songwriter, musician, and producer is filled with charisma and infinite creativity that undeniably radiates in all she does.

Being a part of various musical ensembles all of her life has created a diverse musical background for Alexei. In 2016, she released her ‘90’s Type’ single, which gives a perfect blend of an ambient and R&B feel. She then went on to release the very sensual track ‘Winter Tyme’ during the beginning of 2017 and the vibie song/video ‘Pace’ in 2018 (a song of reflection and staying true to self). Performing in prominent local events such as FemFest, SlumFest, and Center Stage Showcase has truly set a blaze in her journey.

As this is all still the beginning, more music is certainly underway. It’s without a doubt that Alexei will continue to captivate listeners tuning into her songs.