More Loving and Loving More

Sometimes people are like oceans 

Restoring and bringing a new tide upon you

Sending beautiful vibrations towards you

Reminding you, you're still alive 

and of how your journey is worthwhile 

Worthwhile in every stage of your life

Reminding you of the Goddess or God within 

Your light which is always there


Sometimes people will surprise you 

In the best ways, the most refreshing ways. . .

She's one of those once in a lifetime kind of people

The kind who shows and loves so freely

In this world she knows what is truly needed

More loving and loving more


In what seemed like ages 

Someone was finally speaking my language

She spoke to me in energy (I feel it all)

It was in the way her eyes danced and glowed like sun-kissed skin

It was in the way her smile brought a calm like the stars

It was how her voice could bring shivers

to the deepest of nerves and melt the coldest of hearts

It was absolutely everything about her essence and aura


She's the rare kind of being 

You dearly wish you could've met sooner

She's the one where dreams and reality collide

Even if for minutes, hours, or a day

Two souls can surely align, connect, and vibe (I felt it all)

Sometimes people are blessings sent in human form